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The Observer - Garnet (by Cuban artist Gustavo Valdez)
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Title: The Observer - Garnet
Artist: Gustavo Valdez, Cuban artist
Style: Contemporary, Figurative, Cuban Art
Medium: Original Oil Painting
Dimension: 36" x 36"

Gustavo Valdez, Cuban artist, painter, teacher, and curator, uses his artwork as a statement characterized somewhere between stoicism and unconsciousness. He graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Arts in 1986, and went on to Enrique Jose Varona, Institute for Higher Learning, as an art major, in 1993.

In his artworks, the figure of man stops "being" and becomes "hollow"; he strives to represent the being as an object of circumstance. Vivid colors and angular construction of images contribute to Valdez`s bold, abstract style.

Valdez has been featured in many exhibitions, including several solo shows. These include "Drawings and Sketches, II" in 1998, at the Center for Design and Plastic Arts, Gallery Luz, La Habana, Cuba, and "Faces" in 2000, at Gallery Pedrosen, Lisbon, Portugal.

Gustavo Valdez has a grasp upon his quest to access the human condition. He has managed to create a single figure that represents the range of emotions we are all capable of feeling.

Hallmark Gallery nested in San Diego's renowned tourist destination, La Jolla Cove, proudly presents original paintings by Contemporary Cuban artist Gustavo Valdez. Don't hesitate to contact the gallery for more information.