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Serigraph by Yaacov Agam
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Artist: Yaacov Agam
Style: Contemporary, Modern
Medium: Original Monotype (1 of suite of 7)
Finish: Framed

Monotypes and monoprints

Although monotypes and monoprints involve distinctly different processes, the two terms are often used erroneously as synonyms, or are mistakenly used for each other. A monotype is a single print pulled from a glass or metal plate onto which ink or paint has been applied. The image can be transferred to paper by hand rubbing or with a press. A monotype remains one of a kind because it contains no repeatable matrix in the image from which a perfect second impression can be made.

A monoprint begins with a repeatable image, such as an etched plate, that could, if desired, be editioned to produce a series of like impressions. What gives the monoprint its singularity is the process of subsequent hand colouring or doctoring to make it uniquely different or a ‘one of a kind’ print. A series of monoprints – all derived from the same plate, but then individually hand manipulated – is often called a unique edition and is signed and numbered accordingly.

Yaacov Agam is the father of kinetic art, shattering the traditional barriers of space and time. Agam is truly an artist with wide reaching exposure and international appreciation.

His work has been showcased around the globe, from a one-man show at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, to a fountain by the artist in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

His reputation in the United States has always been established and is now rejuvenating with a new energy and originality through various institutions, galleries, and private commission from collectors.

However, Agam does not restrict his work to international institutions or museum exhibits. Now, through Hallmark Fine Art Gallery, anyone who appreciates fine art can own a hand signed and numbered work by Agam.