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Raffaele Fiore - Venice IV
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Title: Venice IV
Artist: Raffaele Fiore
Style: Landscape/Seascape
Medium: Original Oil Painting on canvas
Finish: Framed

Raffaele Fiore Naples, Italy

Raffaele Fiore was born in Striano, outside Naples, Italy, on August 13, 1961.

Paintings with an extraordinary expressive liveliness characterize the work of this artist who began painting at the age of nineteen. His works are sold both in Italy and abroad and are exhibited every year at the most important international art shows.

Whatever his subject – neoclassic ladies or gentlemen in a sitting room, feminine nudes, landscapes, or floral compositions – his touch is skillful, deft, and constructive.

In his eyes, drawing and color are one, a reality to be chosen and seized at once, as a whole. Fiore is also competent in drawing sketches, which are immediate, rapid, and fresh in their conciseness, making them useful for the well-pondered substance of a finished painting..

Thrilled by the concreteness of things and the challenge to represent them in painting exactly as they are, Fiore displays a resolute personal inclination to distinguish the technical components of the trade of pictorial expression, which are enhanced only because they permit the evidence of its revelation. Execution, drawing, and color in his paintings denotes a way of thinking, evaluating, and selecting which is concrete, sometimes, even prosaic, but fully in accordance with his way of understanding painting, narrating, recalling.

Fiore’s canvases recall bygone eras, bringing the past to life again through the experience and sensitivity of this painter, pupil, and follower of the greatest masters of the last century.