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Phil Borges Spirit of Place Collection, Mongolia - Sulegmaa
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Sulegmaa, 15 mos.
Togol, Mongolia

After traveling for three days in this remote valley in an all-terrain vehicle, we came across Sulegmaa's solitary ger (tent). Like most Mongolians, his family was very hospitable and invited us in for cheese and tea. I immediately noticed a small black and white tv sitting on top of a milk bucket. They told us it was the only tv within one hundred miles; neighbors would travel for days to visit and watch. It was connected to a generator and satellite dish, allowing them to watch Indian, Chinese and Russian movies. (Darkhad)

Collection: Spirit of Place - Mongolia
Artist: Photographer Phil Borges
Medium: black and white fine art photography collection
Finish: Framed

These beautiful black and white fine art photography of people portrait of indigenous cultures are the trademark of humanitarian photographer Phil Borges. All collections of Phil Borges' work are available at Hallmark Fine Art Gallery located in San Diego's La Jolla Cove. Gallery also has Phil Borges' award-winning photography books Tibetan Portrait, Enduring Spirit, and Women Empowered. Call 858-551-8108 for more information.

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