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David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art


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David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Murrine Foglio-Cherry

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Sphere

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Resistenza-Yellow(SOLD)

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Foglio

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Murrine Foglio(SOLD)

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Murrine Parabola(SOLD)

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Murrine Resistenza(SOLD)

David Patchen Hand Blown Glass Art - Resistenza
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Artist Statement

Glass has always been captivating, with its distinctive ability to bend and defuse color and light in three dimensions. While seductive as a material, glass is also uniquely challenging and unforgiving medium which (either painfully or delightfully) reflects an artist’s skill in manipulating it. I find the enigmatic characteristics of liquid glass inherently inspires me to concurrently explore my creativity and the limits of the material to express it. The unique properties of molten glass and the limited window it offers to complete a creation require an intensity and urgency which resonates with my own creative process. All of my work is firmly rooted in the intensive exploration of the myriad creative opportunities and technical challenges of a contemporary interpretation of Venetian-style cane and murrine.

My current work explores complex patterns, color and transparency created through multi-layered cane and murrine. Indirect influences include the fine detail and patterns seen in the marine environment; specifically the soft corals and anemones of tropical reefs. My work is quite varied in composition but restricted to a select group of graceful forms which I consider three dimensional canvases. The diversity seen in my work reflects my approach to creation as I simultaneously explore a variety of ideas and designs with minimal limits. Some themes in the work include windows providing views into or through a piece to contrast or disrupt its solidity and entice the viewer to look more closely or move around the work to shift the windows. Colors in tertiary contrasting and/or complimentary tones expressed in complex patterns challenge expectations of the amount of detail glass can carry and its place in the art world. All works are one-of-a-kind and consistently utilize a broad range of exciting and challenging cane and murrine techniques, taken to the extreme.