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Tom Marosz

Tom Marosz contemporary glass art sculpture

Southern California was the perfect spot to grow up for a constantly changing and creative atmosphere. The hardest thing was to stay out of trouble and that was achieved only by stealth and a highly creative thought process not all together appreciated by Tom's parents. The idea that ????? couldn’t be done was only a hurdle that took longer to cross but never stopped even the most bizarre idea of a solution evidenced by the high school science fair project, “Holography”, that required the use of a 600 lb. granite grave stone cover plate purchased from Mr. Poe, the local head stone cutter. At the age of 17 Tom and his “partner in crime” drew the attention and subsequent comments from the Naval Electronics Lab in Point Loma “It isn’t possible for two high school students to do this in there bedroom. We have more than a million dollars worth of equipment in this lab and we haven’t been able to do that yet.”.

The interest in “optical effects” was present even then. Glass became a fascination and then a living in the form of a glazing contractor. the contracting firm, Botanical Enclosures, was known as the place to go when every one else said “It can’t be done, but you might want to call these guys, they can do almost anything.”.

After working with stained glass for a short time the desire to do “the impossible” was becoming harder and harder to stave off and in 1991 the first of the experimental glass sculptures were created. Crude and not very design appealing the first pieces became the stepping stones to a body of work that more galleries desire than pieces can be produced.

Having shown in galleries in southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Canada, Hawaii and the Philippines this artists work is only in its infancy and promises to “do the impossible”. Comments and discussion are encouraged by the artist.

Hallmark Gallery is proud to feature contemporary glass artist Tom Marosz' glass art sculptures.

Tom Marosz's gem-like sculpture carries a simplicity of design and contrasting elegance that makes one marvel and keep glancing back for a resolution to their intriguing form. Color, polish, and varied surface laminations culminate into an architectural form that spans from desktop to the monumental. Tom's spectacular works account for his increasing popularity and cultivation of collectors.

On your next trip, come visit our art gallery nesting in San Diego's renowned tourist destination, La Jolla Cove and see these incredible sculptures in person!