What has Wildlife Artist Linda Herzog been up to lately?

Linda R. Herzog creates paintings from her dreams with a focus on wildlife and surrealism.

Linda Herzog original painting - Morning Lift

Morning Lift

Waking from her dreams in the night, Linda grabs her pencil and sketchbook then makes thumbnail sketches of what her visions manifest, with vivid color, sound, movement and often titles appearing with the visual event.  She is sure she wakes up because she is so excited about what she encounters.  After she draws out the image she often goes back into her dream and adds on to the painting.

Upper Deck Dodo

Upper Deck Dodo

Linda’s paintings are a combination of animals and nature with fantasy, surrealism and often with a touch of a whimsical mood. While doing a formal sketch in the desired size of the canvas, Linda often adds fun little objects that formed fond memories in her past. These added little objects make the paintings very personal and dear to her heart. Her favorite item that often shows up in her work are brass bells.

Humming Bosch by Linda Herzog

In childhood she and her sister collected little brass bells from a downtown store that was a treat to visit. Linda also likes to add objects of symbolism to create more depth in the meaning behind her paintings.  But she often admits that she just painted what she saw in her dream because she liked the visual though it has no sense behind it.

The technique of her paintings is a self taught method of layering and glazes. Some of her objects have up to 7 layers and drying time in between them.  Linda usually has up to 5 paintings going at a time.

So there you have it.  What has Linda Herzog been up to lately?  Capturing dreams, of course!

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    great painting, you are very talented

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