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"Red Boat In Cove" by Claudio Simonetti (SOLD)
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Back to collection Landscape and Seascape original paintings

Title: Red Boat In Cove
Artist: Claudio Simonetti
Style: Landscape/Seascape
Medium: Original Oil Painting
Dimension: 10" x 8"
Finish: Framed 20" x 17.5"

Claudio Simonetti

Claudio Simonetti was born in Italy on January 29, 1929, into a well known family of accomplished artists. From his father he inherited his love for art and his great taste for colors. He began his studies at The School of Art, where he quickly won his professor’s recognition and praise.

Claudio Simonetti traveled extensively throughout Italy and France, where he painted from nature and learned from his associations with other artists in all the important art centers.

He still paints and exhibits regularly in Venice, Milan, and Paris and is on permanent exhibition in New York.

Simonetti’s works today express the unique maturity of his talent. Though he seeks out new expressions in art, his art always sticks to the fundamentals of painting: exquisite drawing, composition and color. His landscapes of the Italian countryside, his marine paintings of costal villages, and the scenes of the canals of Venice, appeal to everyone because of the well balanced technique and the sense of poetry that pervades each painting.

Today his works are in private collections worldwide.