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Women Empowered - Phil Borges Photography Book
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Back to collection Books by Phil Borges Phil Borges Book Tibetan Portrait with Text by the Dali Lama

Title: Women Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World (Hardcover)
Arthur: Madeleine Albright (Foreword), Phil Borges (Photographer)
Media: Book
A deeply inspirational work. Phil Borges has brought us face to face with heroes-remote and mostly unknown women-on the edge of a slow but steady transformation, bringing social and economic justice to women and girls worldwide.

Autographed copies of Phil Borges' photography books Book "Women Empowered", "Tibetan Portrait", and " Enduring Spirit" are available at Hallmark Fine Art Gallery.

As always, part of the proceeds will be going towards the various foundations each book is supporting.

To purchase the books, please call us at 858-551-8108.

Hallmark Fine Art Gallery also has the entire collection of Phil Borges' Black and White Fine Art Photography of people portrait in the area of indigenous cultures. We are located in La Jolla Cove, in San Diego, CA. Come in and see these incredible portraits in person or view the collections on our website online.