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Return To Eden by Dale Terbush
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Title: Return to Eden
Artist: Dale Terbush
Style: Landscape/Seascape
Medium: Giclee on canvas
Finish: Framed

Artist's Word

The Earth Is Paradise

I have always imagined the earth untouched by man to be a vision of paradise. I have yet to come upon any place on this planet that was not breathtaking in its natural form. When the combination of light and atmosphere play on any part of this earth, magic happens. Whether it be the sun setting across the starkness of a flat plain that is the desert, or the waves of the seas crashing against themselves or the majestic mountain spires reaching to touch the skies, all this and more can overwhelm the senses in its natural beauty. If we have the faith within our creator to have brought to this earth so many incredible things in the textures, sounds and colors that surround us every day, then could not God have then made this entire world in shades of gray and it all still would have performed and functioned in perfect harmony. Why were we given such richness of texture, sound, color to enrich our lives? Does the fox see the magenta sky at twilight? Is an owl moved by the visual of the clouds rolling past the full moon? Why were we given an ability to appreciate all of these natural gifts that are around us every day? I believe they are all visions of paradise. We just have to open our eyes to see them. I have run into people in this lifetime who will turn away form a sunset because the light is too bright. They will not enrich their lives or the lives of those around them by the natural experiences that we are given on a daily basis. I call them the seeing blind. I love driving and seeing other people stopped along a road when the sun is taking its last breath of day. When it lays out its blanket of colors, for all the world to see, they have stopped for a moment to open their eyes which in turn will open their hearts to an image they hope to carry with them always. The earth truly is a vision of paradise.