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Michael Godard Limited Edition - Nasbar 500
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Title: Nasbar500

Artist: Michael Godard

Style: Contemporary, Pop Art, Whimsical

Medium: Giclee' Print, Limited Edition on Canvas

Availability: Call 858-551-8108 for more info.

Finish: Unframed (framing available upon request)

Where else would a Godard racing car go to be serviced but the Olive Pit. All of the olives, whether they are changing tires or fueling the car, have a martini in hand made at the Nasbar. This bar in the back is pumping martinis through the air hose. One olive had one too many drinks and has fallen, along with the trophy cup. The decal on the back of the car is the label from the wine owned by Vince Neil, the lead singer from Motley Crue. Take a close look because there are many other subtle features in the piece. I’ll give you some hints: check out the tires and the asphalt!

Image Dimension Edition Available for Sale
28" x 35" SN 750 Call
28" x 35" AP 100 No
17.5" x 22" G 250 Call
44" x 55" M 50 No

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