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Hu Jundi Limited Edition - Umbrella (only 1 left)
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Back to collection Hu Jundi Limited Edition 胡峻涤


Artist: Hu Jundi (胡峻涤)
Style: Contemporary Chinese art, Female Portrait, Asian art
Medium: Limited Edition
Finish: Framed

Two Sizes Available:

The Ultra Edition
(25 S/N)
Image size: 42" x 30"
Embellished on the Rigiclee™ Claybord.

The Regular Edition
(168 S/N)
Image size: 28" x 20"
Embellished on Rigiclee™ Museum Board.

The mist of the rain adds another layer to this mysteriously romantic painting by Chinese artist Hu Jundi (中国当代油画家 胡峻涤).

Hallmark Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla is proud to present contemporary Chinese Artist Hu Jundi 胡峻涤. Hu Jundi's (胡峻涤) beautiful Asian female oil portraits fuses western oil painting technique with Asian painting style. Come visit our art gallery when you are in San Diego.