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Hu Jundi original oil painting - Whispering Winds
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Back to collection Hu Jundi Original 胡峻涤

Hu Jundi (Hu Jun Di) original oil painting - Whispering Winds
Artist: Hu Jundi (胡峻涤)
Style: Portrait, Asian
Medium: Original Oil on Canvas
Image Size: 61" x 19"
Finish: Framed 75" x 32"

Observation of paintings of Hu Jun Di

Hu once said, “I listened to the song ‘Red crowned crane and a girl’ and was impressed by the story in the song and the melody, and I wanted to express the same feelings in my paintings. A good song always has impact on people”. His works from 1998 till now are all about the “girl” in the song. All the people said, “Hu’s works are beautiful inside and outside” because he knows how to control emotion with a brush.

The poem is a kind of art that knows control and proper restraint. As the famous history critic said “the poem is elegant and refined in manner”. Hu has read plenty of history poem and phrase, and he wants to impress the meaning and circumstance in his paintings.

He has the ability to ‘fathom’ a word and image, go deeper into the meaning to be able to convey it into paint: here is thinner, here is thicker, here is deeper and here is misty, etc.

He uses his eyes to “listen” like a musician. These paintings tell and color the poem. One could charge admission to watch Hu paint as you can feel the ‘story’ unfolding and it will go straight into the heart. Such as what he said: “one song has impressed me, I want to paint the poem of the song”, in fact the poem is in his heart, he just expresses it on the cloth.

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