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Thomas Easley's Original Oil, Celebration of Life Series on Wine Thomas Easley's Original Oil, Celebration of Life Series on Wine


Thomas Easley's Original Oil - It's In The Woods(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Original Oil - A Measure Of Time(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Original Oil - Happy Expectations(SOLD)
Works within the Celebration of Life series are significantly different from the now common photo realist images of wine bottles and glasses. Easley wine-still-life works are a tactile blend of four to five master styles. From abstract in the tonal backgrounds, to impressionism and in the middle and foreground fruits, urns, breads and cheeses, to realism in the bottles and glasses, miniature-ism in the raised detailed labels and surrealism in the relationships between labels, bottle and background.

With up to five styles harmoniously interacting in Easley’s signature style Easley is able to put, “more life” into his paintings. Easley works appear as carved relief; a dynamic expanse of color, texture and form that makes it possible for the viewer to touch the painting with his eyes. Easley refers to this as “visual tactility,” an effect created by applying 7 to 20 layers of paint and detailed modeling.

With a mix of palate knives and brushes Easley guides the process of creativity though the various levels of intensifying contrasts to give us a truly original view of the feast; the love of food, drink and the celebration of life