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Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series Thomas Easley's Rooster Paintings - Fowl Play Series


Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - Curiously Watching The Curious Play

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - High Tail 'n The Tall Tale(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series -One Ho Haga Ho Me Do Come 'n Through(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - Yes! Indeed(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - Yes Indeed, I Did Say That(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - Ho Jutty Buff'n The Haga Stride(SOLD)

Thomas Easley's Fowl Play Series - Wake Up Little Suzy Wake Up(SOLD)
Thomas Easley’s extreme impressionst works are painted exclusively with palette knives, which renders a three dimensional relief, giving the illusion of sculpted paint. He masters thick layers of paint on the smallest to the largest of surfaces, from the leaf of a flower to the vast expanse of golden meadows and lofty summits. One is attracted to the tactile nature of his work and this often provokes a desire to ‘pick the flowers,’ ‘walk in the forest,’ ‘look through the open window.’

Easley’s extreme impressionist works are painted primailry in layered acrylics and are varnished several times. They are painted on primed and very duralble medium densitiy fiberboard to ensure longevity. Cleaning can be done with a soft cotton towel.
BR> The creation of life in a painting is Easelys’ most important goal. “A painting without life takes rather than gives to the viewer,” says Easley. “I have nothing if I have nothing to give,” he says.

To achieve “life,” Easley begins with the simple contrasts of light and dark, thin and thick, close and far, bright and dull. Then he strives to dramatize those contrasts with stronger more vibrant interactions, to add an exchange of emotional values between the concepts of joy and hope, celebration and contemplation, belief and expectation, harmoney and discordance. After this he works on multiple-dramatic-contrasts, a graduation of maturity of subject, design and colour that gives life to the work.