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Orlando Agudelo-Botero


Amanecer by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

Fields of Red by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

Luminosity by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

Magic the Rainbow Maker by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

Stardust by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

Tales of Love... A Trilogy by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero

The Magic of Frolicking by Orlando A.B. Agudelo-Botero
An artist who brings humanism to contemporary art, Orlando's images are drawn from his psyche; they are felt rather than seen. Portraying the contemporary heart and soul, his art speaks eloquently with the same gentle intensity and quiet strength as its creator. As an artist whose genuine instincts motivate his search for artistic challenge and expression, Orlando is an acknowledged innovator who gives free rein to his natural instincts. "I enjoy experimenting with different materials and implements," he says. "I feel a need to take chances…to explore, to discover and to establish the new, creativity is the freedom of life." His artwork is a masterful fusion of texture, line, color and form. Bold strokes and even bolder colors illustrate the vigor and confidence with which he approaches his art. In his sweeping strokes one detects the exuberant movement of the artist himself, thus each line becomes an extension of his physical being, as well as his personality. "The first lines or brush strokes of my artwork are important," Orlando says. "They are spontaneous, authentic and an extension of my inner being and my relationship with the subject matter…everything else follows."

By Glenn Engman