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Hu Jundi Original 胡峻涤


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Hu Jundi original oil painting - Nature (SOLD)

Hu Jundi original oil painting - Water

Hu Jundi original oil painting - Two Women in Snow (SOLD)

Hu Jundi original oil painting - Curtain(SOLD)

Hu Jundi original oil painting - Early Autumn

Hu Jundi original oil painting - Summertime in the Shade

Hu Jundi Profile

Birth date: 1962 in Jilin province.
1984 graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts College, Chongqing
Presently he lives in Sichuan Province, Leshan City, and travels frequently to Japan, France and America

Forward by Zhong Biao, Artist, Director, Chonqing Art Museum

I first saw Hu Jundi’s work in the magazine ‘China Oil Painting’. It made a deep impression on me. After a little while, an art exhibition was held in Beijing. I hoped to find this artist in the exhibition, so I went. I was so pleased to see Hu Jun Di’s originals there. Because the published images I had previously seen were small, the originals were a revelation! His work had an incredible impact on the people. He proved the most talented master. His work is full of dense Chinese colors, the lush atmosphere and Sichuan’s warm moisture is floating in the paintings. I was hooked instantly to his canvas melodies.

To find out more about him, I decided to go to his hometown, LeShan, in the Sichuan Province. Hu Jundi’s studio was not big, about 12 square meters. In order to concentrate on his art, he gave up his business and sold his house in Beijing, and left the disturbingly noisy place. He came back to his hometown and kept himself quiet to focus on the art. Jundi decided to paint a series subject about the famous novel Liaozhai. It reflects that the Chinese are not satisfied with the social circumstance at that time. He painted the elegant appearance of the Sichuan woman. His brilliance is in the harmonious blend of traditional Chinese brush with the unmatched depth of oils. His paintings are completely Chinese, with colors of the Sichuan environment, harmonious, incomplete borders. They reflect the shadow of the most famous Chinese artist XU BEI HONG. But the oils give it a more universal, lasting appeal. The women are serene and beautiful, the attire is classical Sichuan Chinese, but there seems to be an appeal that goes beyond just Chinese. He does not use models. He paints the character in his mind, searching from a person in his life. He chooses the most wonderful moment in his mind and paints it. Catching a moment, this is the Chinese painting skill. To do it with oil painting, it is the most difficult. It took years of patient trial and error, along with his immense talent to master.

The works are as much a reflection of his spirit as his cool strength under pressure. As I know in China and probably the world, few artists can do that. In western artists I have seen, only Renoir could capture that style.< br/> China has a very special artist ------- Hu Jun Di.