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Xie Chuyu 謝楚余

Xie Chuyu (谢楚余油画)

Xie Chu Yu谢楚余油画



Xie Chuyu (谢楚余) was born in Shantou City of Guangdong Province in 1962. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Art in 1988. He has continued his classical training for many years, and is now an assistant professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Art, and a painter for Guangdong Art Creation Institute.

In the words of Zhong Ming, “In Chuyu`s works, one can keenly feel his sentimental asceticism. The background (can be) gloomy and confused, with a figure showing ignorance of her previous existence and this life, which constructs an artistic conception as if you had been in te remote past. You must think deeply about the brief youth and the limits of human existence, which arouses sorrow and reluctance.”

Started from the pursuit of beauty and the yearning for classics, Xie Chuyu (谢楚余) creates exquisite works that give viewers visual pleasure with ease and grace, with an harmonious and elegant style.

Xie Chuyu (谢楚余) has been featured in many one-man shows throughout Asia, since 1989. He has also been recognized by many well-respected public exhibitions, and has been covered by many magazines.

Chuyu continues to travel the world, making explorations, and developing his exquisite, well knit, delicate style.