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Valery Yershov

Russian artist Valery Yershov

Valery Yershov was born in 1960 in the Soviet city of Yessentuki. After graduating from the Graphic Department of the Leningrad Pedogogical Institute, he moved to Moscow in 1987 and then to Stockholm in 1988. Before immigrating to the United States in 1991, he had exhibited in Russia and throughout Europe. The London Contemporary presented a one-man show of his works in Moscow. Today, his work has also been exhibited in New York and other US cities.

Yershov's creative search, classic training and exceptional talent have garnered him a favored niche in today's art market. He began painting interiors stuffed with all sorts of odd things: an absurd world where classicism meets Pop Culture. Taking real objects out of everyday life, he manipulates them to build his ¡§Silken Paradise.¡¨

Yershov paints museums and palace halls displaying masterpieces of antiquity, renaissance or modern times with accuracy and total realism. But, the action that takes place in these environments is surrealistically absurd. Dogs in uniform and monkeys in evening dress walk among the luxurious interiors. Given the recent heightened interest in surrealist works, Yershov's magnificently detailed paintings of intimate apocalyptic splendor have made a timely arrival.

A published artist, Yershov has received numerous awards. He has exhibited in Europe, including Finland and Switzerland and can be found in many private and corporate collections in cities across the US and Europe.