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Thomas Easley

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Thomas M. Easley was born in Oroville, California in 1949 and raised at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He has spent most of his adult life in Europe and Asia. The study and practice of the principles of philosophy and metaphysics, which began for Easley as a child, have taken him through a number of professions, from music and song writing, in his teens, to freelance writing, teaching, journalism, professional skiing, carpentry and art.

"As an artist Easley sees himself first and most importantly as a professional obligated to maintain those standards laid down years ago by the Greek and European masters. And second, with the freedom of those standards he searches for inspiration to create meaningful and when possible, beautiful long lasting works of art. From miniatures to detailed architectural landscapes painted in oil, to exquisite watercolor nudes on paper, to "extreme expressionism" and abstracts rendered with acrylics, Easley never fails to captivate. Easley is a master not of one discipline, but of diversity. He is, in my opinion, our first 21st Century artist." -- Zannah Castaneda, Art Critic/Writer/Journalist (Encinitas, CA)

Thomas Easley’s art career began in 1979 when he began to illuminate selected poems from his book “Rainwater.” Through the process, Easley realized he had an unexpected talent for painting. To test himself, he painted Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks, which turned out to be an accurate copy of the work. Following this, he copied the Mona Lisa in watercolor on photo board, sold the painting to a art collector in California and moved to England to become an artist.

In England, he refined his skill as a classical realist and specialized in miniature paintings, which he sold to the aristocracy. He had shows in the Royal Miniature Society galleries and at the prestigious Medici Gallery on Bond Street. In 1984, he became the first American elected to full membership in the Royal Miniature Society.

Easley then moved to Venice, Italy, and began painting large-scale cityscapes using glazed oil, a technique he learn through studying the works of Canaletto and Guardi. He also developed a pencil, chalk and watercolor style for painting female nudes on paper. His works were purchased by serious art collectors across Europe and America, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, The Ciga Hotels group, Villeroy and Boch, Harry’s Bar, English playwright Alan Ayckbourn and Thomas Hoving, long time director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Hallmark Gallery proudly features Thomas Easley. We have a great collection of Thomas Easley's original paintings and limited edition. Visit us in downtown La Jolla art gallery district in San Diego.