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Pamela Sukhum

Hallmark Fine Art Gallery features Pamela Sukhum, a La Jolla, San Diego art gallery nested in La Jolla Cove, top tourist destination in San Diego

I pray to open myself to all experience
As a path to remembering divinity.
In my desire to share my experiences
Along this path, I paint
That which is difficult for me to express
In words.

I hope that you may find yourself
Feeling invited into experience.
I hope you enjoy.

Pamela Sukhum

Pamela Sukhum, noted as a gifted artist, has emerged powerfully in the art world. Her art employs a radiant use of color and has been described as uniquely textural. Sukhum's art creates a visual state of constant involvement for the appreciator. Many have referred to her work as the beginning of a new genre.

Pamela's breakthrough style was initially fueled by her background as a scientist in the biomedical field. Her work is a conveyance of essence and energy in physical form on the canvas.

Pamela Sukhum's art has been featured in prominent galleries in California, New Mexico, New York, Florida and her home state of Minnesota, and her images have graced the covers of several national publications. She has also been placed in corporate collections including those of Ernst and Young; Deloitte and Touche; Boston Scientific; and United Health Corporation. A 20-foot mural in Mazatlan, Mexico is the hallmark of her significant list of commissions.

Sukhum, an avid traveler, has studied and deepened her creative spirit in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, South America and Africa. Drawing from her interactions with diverse cultures and geographies, Pamela`s art evokes a universal sense of connection and unity.

Based on all of her life experiences, Pamela's vision is to bring forth beautiful, healing, and uplifting imagery, and to catalyze positive change in the world.