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Michael Gorban

Michael Gorban

Michael Gorban On Art: “It doesn’t really matter what you paint, but how you paint it. A composer may write an opera or songs for children. Each can be wonderful if the composer is good. The artist gives you his soul in a painting. As in the telling of a story, the artist can make each sentence better. The story can be told in one hundred words, but to completely understand it one must read one thousand pages. This is the difference between fine art and the commonplace.”

Gorban studies art for 21 years before displaying his paintings. He completed his studies at age 30, working with the finest of Russian artists and using dozens of painting techniques.

At age 30 Gorban received the honor of exhibiting his paintings at international exhibition beside the likes of Salvador Dali, Kandinsky, Chagall, and others, in the Hermitage museum in Leningrad. Whereas most of the world’s artist can only dream of showing their work in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums, a third of Gorban’s paintings hung in the Hermitage for over a year.

There is scarcely a single museum in Russia, whether Moscow, Kiev, or one of the former Soviet Union republics, which does not include one of Gorban’s paintings.

“Painting is a sensual experience,” claims Gorban today from his studio in Petach Tikva, near Tel Aviv. “I will not sign my name until I am completely satisfied.” Concerning the subtle difference between an artist and a painter, he adds, “An artist can hear what the painting wants; a painter cannot. I never painted under duress or according to order. My success comes from people feeling the same satisfaction that I myself felt upon completing the painting.”


1956 Born in the former Soviet Union. 1976 Graduated from the Kishinev Higher School for the Painting Arts in Moldavia. 1982 Graduated for the Academy for Painting in the city of Lvov, majoring in graphics. 1988-1990 Received a grant from the Artists Association of the Soviet Union. 1990 Emigrated to Israel with his family.

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