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Linda Herzog

Linda Ridd Herzog was born and raised in the mountain valley of Salt Lake City, Utah. Her life was enriched with a love and respect for nature and wildlife from the natural splendor of her surroundings. Today, the consummation of her oil paintings reflects the devotion of her passion of art and nature.

Although Linda has had many classes in art, she has had no formal training. It was through self-experimentation that she has developed her own unique style and realistic presentation of wildlife and landscape paintings. With her move to San Diego, California, in 1986, Linda’s work changed to the world of marine life that was revealed. Her fascination with marine life resulted in extensive research and a finite eye for detail. Her whales and fish are true to their natural environment and instincts, as well as anatomy. Through her individual style and sensitivity, Linda has been able to create a depth and beauty out of the ocean’s waters.

Feeling the need to be unique in the art market. In 1998 Linda’s creativity has found a new outlet, a realm of realism combined with fantasy. Since childhood, she has had a lifelong fascination with the fantasy world. After painting a mural on her son’s bedroom wall full of his favorite things from dinosaurs, cartoon characters, to computer game scenes, all within a connecting landscape, her desire to paint fantasy surfaced. In dream states, Linda visualizes scenes in vivid detail and color of wildlife mixed with fantasy. Awakened from the excitement, often she is up doing thumbnail sketches in the middle of the night of what she believes will be a great painting. She is able to transform these powerful visions from her imagination onto canvas with a unique style.

Linda’s work has been featured in galleries throughout Tokyo, Japan, Maui, Hawaii, New York, New York, and southern California. She currently lives in Vista, California, with her husband and two children, and lovingly cares for her menagerie of animals.

Hallmark Gallery proudly presents artist Linda Herzog's fantasy painting of wildlife animal and her marine paintings in the unique whimsical fantasy art style. Contact gallery today for availability of your favorite piece.