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Rothko Vrs. Pollock

Repent! The world is coming to an end! And so it would seem that the abstract expressionists like Pollock who looked at their world and saw the cold end coming turned their art into manifestations of that world-view. The nuclear age from 1945 till his death in 1956 influenced his output. Nothing really had permanence [...]

Art Collecting Tips and the Fine Art of Collecting Art

Art collecting is as varied as the art which is collected.  Whether you are a beginning art collector, or an experienced art collector, one thing remains the same COLLECT WHAT YOU LIKE.
You don’t need a lot of knowledge about art to collect art.  You don’t need a Masters Degree in Fine Art to know what [...]

Meet Our Glass Artists This Saturday

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 from 6 to 9 PM – Meet two incredible contemporary glass artists, Tom Marosz and Jack Storms.

Frogman, Tim Cotterill’s Bronze Frogs

I first learned about Tim Cotterill (or Frogman as he’s commonly known) and his bronze frogs, geckos and koi, at Hallmark Gallery in La Jolla, California.
Frogman creates very vibrant, whimsical bronze pieces that catch the eye immediately and captivate the heart without skipping a beat.
Frogman uses a lost wax technique created thousand of years ago by the [...]

Dogs Playing Poker as Fine Art

by Michael Hajdaj
Working in the Fine Art field, in the La Jolla gallery district, of San Diego, California, I noticed a trend in art buyers: the doubt in one’s own taste when buying fine art for his/her home.
It amazes me, sometimes, when a person falls in love with a painting (oil or prints), a piece [...]

What do artists’ wedding decors look like?

Artists are such talented and compassionate people.  Ever wonder what their wedding decor looks like?  Well, we have the inside scoop to what is going on next week in glass artist David Patchen’s wedding plan.
And the details…
Let me introduce you to David Patchen’s work.  There are many amazing hand-blown glass artists out there, but David’s [...]

La Jolla, a Village in San Diego California, is Home to Art Galleries, Restaurants and Top Notch Accommodations.

San Diego California is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world; about this there is no doubt. I first came here in the early 1980s serving in the US Navy. I immediately fell in love with San Diego, but for various reasons, I was not able to fully settle here until the [...]

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